Aeon of Sands The Trail


Aeon of Sands is a “Dungeon Adventure”: a story-driven role playing game and a love letter to classic PC and Amiga games of the 90s.

The Trail is the first chapter of the Aeon series, in which you follow a young city clerk on his adventures in a world under two suns, between the life they nurture and the ruin they bring.

The clerk Setrani is unwillingly sent on a critical mission, searching for a missing diplomatic caravan in the most dangerous territory. Will he track it down in time to save his precious dome city and its sacred tree, or will this prideful outpost of humanity be claimed by the sands, and by what lurks in the desert's hot dark heart?


Check out the narrative aspect of the game by clicking on the image to the left.

But keep in mind: Once you have made a bad choice, you cannot go back. So choose your path wisely!


  • Story-driven role playing game with unique choices
  • Real time action, first-person perspective
  • More than 20 challenging dungeons with more than 30 monsters and bosses, more than 300 unique items, more than 150 illustrated scenes for plot nodes
  • Style and feeling of classic RPG games from the '90s (Perihelion, Eye of the Beholder, Dungeon Master...)
  • Skill Gain System
  • Item-based magicsystem (magic is shaped and focused by way of many different objects, with a range of different effects)
  • Completely hand-drawn & painted visuals
  • Platforms: Windows | MacOSX | Linux
  • Release: 2018