[img[OASIS_A_0002.png]]\nThe clerk cannot make up his mind about the strange woman, whether she's dangerous or deranged.\nConsidering that his mission is too imporant to throw his life away for a bit of thirst, he decides to leave.\n\n''Continue in the desert with us in Aeon of Sand - The Trail, in 2018!''
[img[OASIS_A_0001.png]]\nThe woman and Setrani both, but the latter mostly, agree that it would be a pity to drench the sacred soil of the oasis with the blood of their guts splattered around.\nSo the clerk grudgingly departs, with thirst in his every step.\n\n''Continue in the desert with us in Aeon of Sand - The Trail, in 2018''
[img[OASIS_A_0003.png]]\n“Me's Calca! Afraid? No, me’s not. Stupid? Hah! No, me is neither. You don’t near. Ok?" \n\n[["Nice to meet you, Calca. Why should you be afraid of me? I won't hurt you!"|Link1.3]]\n[["Yeah, but you see, I'm really thirsty and there's water enough for a whole caravan right there!"|Link1.4]]\n
[img[OASIS_A_0004.png]]\nThe clerk, exasperated, closes in on the woman.\nThere is no time to consider how to handle her - she's standing already, and, her weapon in both hands, she seems to concentrate on her surrounding. A brief pause follows, then the sand around her comes alive!\n\n''Get your healthy sandblast polish with us in 2018, in Aeon of Sands - The Trail!''
[img[OASIS_A_0005.png]]\nSetrani places a bundle in front of Calca and then ceremoniously starts to unfold it, carefully eyeing the old woman all the while.\nWhen it's open, and the acrid smell of decomposing bug is no more hidden by the cloth, he takes the sandcrawler carcass with both hands and displays it for Calca to admire.\n"This is my pet and friend, Herman." he says, "Herman say hello to your new horrib... To your new mommy!"\n\n''Discover what happens with Herman in Aeon of Sands - The Trail! Coming to you in 2018!''
[img[OASIS_A_0001.png]]\nTrees, and where there's trees... WATER! After long hours in a duststorm, a sudden clearing in the sky and an oasis! Just when he thought all his strengths had left him...\nAah... There is an old woman with a grim face between Setrani and the pool...\n\n[["Who... who are you?"|Link1.1]]\n[["Nice place, isn't it?"|Link1.2]]\n
[img[OASIS_A_0001.png]]\n"Pfeh! Course is. Where else water, mmh?" \n\n[["Yeah, about the water..."|Link1.4]]
[img[OASIS_A_0003.png]]\n"Me is not, you deaf? But you no go near me water, or will mix with your blood. That's no good."\nSetrani understands quickly the woman's concern, and makes it his own, because he would hate to see his blood getting in the water or anywhere else except where it's supposed to be.\n\n[["But I don't want to foul the water, I only want to drink it!|Link1.4]]\n
[img[OASIS_A_0002.png]]\nSuddenly the clerk becomes aware of a wooden pole ending in a glass blade sitting on her lap, "Cannot drink you, no-no," she says.\nThat weapon looks vicious, no matter how loony his opponent... And Setrani is not quite up for a fight.\n\n[["Hey.. Let's make a deal: I'll get gulp of water and you get..."|Link1.5]]\n[["I'm not sure elderly women should carry that a edgy thing..."|Link1.6]]\n
[img[OASIS_A_0003.png]]\nI have all! 'vrything I c'n want..."\n\n[["You surely have perfected the fine art of conversation."|Link1.7]]\n[["Sure you have trees, but pets? You don't have a sandcrawler pet!"|Link1.8]]\n
[img[OASIS_A_0002.png]]\nBefore the clerk can take one more breath, the woman, still sitting, rotates the blade effortlessly in her hand, lounges for Setrani's torso, and unexpectedly turns at the last moment, slicing a piece of skin off of his arm, instead of stabbing it right through his heart.\nSetrani feels quite convinced now. He is not so eager to test the woman's skills anymore.\n\n[["You handle your weapon very well. It's a really nice weapon, in fact."|Link1.11]]\n[["All right, you win! I leave!"|Link1.41]]\n
[img[OASIS_A_0003.png]]\nCalca grimly grins, unsettling the clerk more than he would have imagined. "Perfect! I am."\nAll the while, maybe for a good measure, she grips her bladed staff more and more firmly.\n\n[["So, about the water..."|Link1.10]]\n[["If you are to gut me with that skewer there anyway, I'm at least curious about it, I've never seen anything like it."|Link1.11]]\n\n
[img[OASIS_A_0003.png]]\n"Do you?"\n\n[["I happen to! I mean, I have one with me!"|Link1.12]]\n[["Well, no! What city clerk in his sane mind would be seen with a... a damned bug as his pet?!"|Link1.13]]\n
[img[OASIS_A_0001.png]]\n"Yeah, clerk's best petfriends are taxes. Me knows you Brown Leaves. Go away."\nSetrani considers briefly that indeed going around the desert proclaming his membership to the ruler class is not the best way to make new friends. The isolationist civilization of his has always been at odds with the desert nomads.\nHe then looks at the water with a sigh and decides that it's better to depart unharmed, having lost already too much time here.\nCalca just seems satisfied of seeing him leaving.\n\n''Continue in the desert with us in Aeon of Sand - The Trail, in 2018!''
[img[OASIS_A_0002.png]]\n"Heheheee... No."\nSetrani is exasperated. Being obvious that he greatly overestimated his charme in this endeavour, he considers other options. But no matter how hard he thought about it, there were only two: make do with what he has in his pack and go, or fight the old woman to take away what's hers.\n\n[[Respect your elder.|Link1.16]]\n[[Out with the old.|Link1.17]]\n
[img[OASIS_A_0002.png]]\n"This' mine. Big reward! 'Cause Calca great chief! This' everything you know."\nThe woman pauses, then grabs a handful of sand from where she's sitting, rises it above her head, and let it fall slowly on her hair.\nSetrani is thirsty and puzzled. But mostly thirsty. Maybe it's not the best of time to stand on ceremony.\n\n[[Bah! Let's try to remove the weapon from the old woman's grip.|Link1.18]]\n[[Nah! Better leave while intact.|Link1.19]]\n
[img[OASIS_A_0001.png]]\n"This is a fruitless confrontation." It appears there's no way to renew his provisions here without challenging the woman, and the clerk is not confident that he can overpower her in a fight.\nConsidering that his mission is too important to throw it away for a bit of thirst, he decides to leave.\nWhile the clouds of dust start rolling again on the scorched plain, he turns back to the oasis and sees one last time the old woman's face, not showing any emotion.\n\n''Continue in the desert with us in Aeon of Sand - The Trail, in 2018!''
[img[OASIS_A_0004.png]]\nThe clerk's intention is all too clear on his face, or the woman judges it so, as she jumps on her feet already, and, staff in both hands, concentrates on her surrounding.\nA brief pause follows, then the sand around her comes alive!\n\n''Satisfy your gluttony for punishment with us in 2018, in Aeon of Sands - The Trail!''